Ya tenemos a los finalistas y el ganador del concurso “My summer experience” de nuestros cursos de idiomas en el extranjero. Debido al gran nivel de fotografías y redacciones recibidas hemos decidido premiar a 3 alumnos como “finalistas” y otro como ganador del concurso.

Hoy os presentaremos los 3 alumnos finalistas del concurso y el próximo miércoles conoceréis a otro alumno que ha sido el ganador del concurso. Todos ellos recibiran un premio que conoceréis próximamente!

Así pues, aquí tenéis algunas fotografías y las redacciones de los 3 alumnos finalistas:

Finalista 1: Itsaso Gaztañaga

My name is Itsaso Gaztañaga and I’m fourteen years old.

In summer I went to England, Bloxham with the company English Summer  from 22/07/12 to 04/08/12.

All the teacher and monitors were great they were always laughing and they helped us when we needed. I could visit a lot of new places like London, Stratford, Oxford… I could meet with people from other countries like Japan, Russia, Italy…

I went to a theatre of London and i saw the play Mama Mia, it was great!I could see all London from the London Eye. I visited William Shakespeare’s house and a lot of more things. We did a lot of activities, games, parties etc. and I never got bored. The classes were great.We leart english playing different games. It was very funny.

I know that I’ll never forget this experience, and I’ll never forget all my friends and monitors of Bloxham and if I can I ‘ll go again to England.

Thank you very much for this experience English Summer, you’re great!

Finalista 2: Jordi  Sans

It has been my first time studying abroad and it also has been my first time in England. The most important is that i have met a lot of people from lots of differents countries and cultures and this is a wonderful experience. I’ll never forget that I was in London the opening ceremony day of the Olympic Games 2012. But it was a pity that I couldn’t see the important landmarks of London. Despite it i am looking forward to the next summer to repeat this perfect time.

Finalista 3: Neus Mateo

These holidays abroad, especially in Bloxham, have been wonderful! The first day i arrived i was a little bit scared because i didn’t know anyone but the next day i made many friends! I will never forget these holidays becaquse they have been spectacular and i recommend them to everyone!

I love when we went to bowling….We had a great time! The buildings were great, confortables, clean and big and the staff people was very nice!

It was a pleasure to have been abroad, because I’ve been able to learn and at the same time I had a great time!!

Muchas felicidades a los 3 finalistas! El próximo miércoles conoceréis otro alumno que también nos ha enviado fotografías y una redacción y que ha sido el ganador del concurso “My summer experience 2012″.