Ya tenemos la ganadora del concurso «My summer experience» de nuestros cursos de idiomas en el extranjero. Como os informábamos en el último post, los finalistas han sido Itsaso Gaztañaga, Jordi Sans y Neus Mateo. Y finalmente hoy os anunciamos la ganadora del concurso, Miriam Repiso.

Miriam nos ha enviado diversas fotos y además esta redacción en inglés:

Bloxham School 2012 (19 August – 1 September)

It was my first time in England and my first time in a boarding school too. I can only speak well of all that I have lived. In fact, in those two weeks I’ve lived a new and unique experience since I was in the airport until I arrived in Barcelona. I will never forget this experience. I improved my English and as a person and I’ve made a lot of friends from many countries. Since I arrived in Barcelona I haven’t stopped talking to all those friends I have made because I miss them so much.

Everyday I remember my teachers, my activity leaders and my house parents, especially Linda. I’d love to repeat everything I’ve lived in two weeks along with all we’ve been.

I recommend this experience to everyone who wants to learn English while living an unforgettable experience.

Greetings to all those who have been part of this summer in Bloxham School!

Miriam Repiso, Spain (Barcelona )

Los premios

Para los finalistas el premio son unos fantásticos earpods, los nuevos auriculares de Apple. Y para la ganadora.. un Ipod Shuffle!

Esperamos que disfrutéis de los premios, felicidades a todos!