Ya tenemos ganadora del concurso de cursos de idiomas en el extranjero «My summer experience»: Carmen Gonzalez Montarelo.

El pasado verano, Carmen realizó verano un curso de inglés en Leys junto con otros estudiantes internacionales. Una vez terminada la experiencia en Inglaterra, nos envió algunas fotos y el siguiente writing.

The Leys School 2013

A few weeks ago I wanted to stay at home. It wasn’t going to be my first time in England, but I was really confused. Some nights I imagined that The Leys was a school as one of Harry Potter’s: dark rooms, long corridors, high stairs… In my mind it was scaring. But all changed when I saw the reality. There were green gardens and my room wasn’t dark, but there were some long corridors.
The first day I met a lot of people from around the world, they had their own group. But I find new friend very quickly. My best friend was a funny and interesting surfer girl, who made me see things from another point of view. For example the lunch and dinner time, when we had to eat something that we couldn’t match the reality with the taste.
My teacher was AMAZING (she used a lot that word) and the staff too, some of them were crazy and that fact make us having better time.
My friend and I were rolled on focus activities. Some afternoons we were in Arts and Craft and the other ones in Performing Arts because we love dancing. But it was a bit different from what we expected. There were some guys that made us laugh a lot. It was the funniest of the activity. Also we had a really good time in our breaks, when we started dancing and singing, people thought that we were crazy! Preparing our Thriller Dance Performance was hard and enjoyable, but one of the mistakes was showing it to our partners. It was really shameful! But I liked it.
Twice a week we went to Study Tours. We went to London, Cambridge (three times) and to the Warwick Castle, where I did something unforgettable for all of us when I pressed the wrong button on the handicapped toilets and the alarm started to sound throughout the park.
I can remember a lot of things about my experience in England. Having a good time with your friends is AMAZING.

Carmen Gonzalez Montarelo, Tarragona

El premio

Un año más, el preimo para la ganadora es un fantástico Ipod Shuffle! Felicidades Carmen!