Dear Parents,

Yesterday was a long journey!

With a mixture of nerves and magic we landed in Ireland an hour and a half later than it was expected. The flight was long and tiring, but the kids were happy and exited. They spent the whole bus trip from the airport to the school observing and commenting how different Ireland was from our home.

We had a great welcoming in Rathdown school. As we hadn’t eaten much since breakfast, and kids were starving, the kitchen staff prepared a delicious meal for us; Ham and cheese sandwich, crisps, chocolate and an apple. Thereafter, we were told about the school rules and room distribution.

After having dinner, children had free time and enjoyed integration games with the other kids. They are already practising English! Dialogs and jokes have come up between the kids and the Irish monitors.

By the end of the day, kids had supper and went to sleep still nervous, still excited, and looking forward to waking up again to continue the Irish adventure.

I’ll be writing every day, so stick around!