Hello families!

Welcome back to the blog! Sorry for the delay, we had some troubles with the Wi-Fi connections, and it was impossible to upload the blog. Anyway… on Sunday kids learned a lot of new things about Ireland!

We had the ‘Full Day Tour’ at the National Heritage Park in Wexford with the ATC Activities Leader (Jack). Wexford is a town that was founded by the Vikings in about 800 AD, and to get there had to took a 2 hours bus to the south of Ireland!


When we arrived, the children had lunch and enjoyed a tour at the National Heritage Park. We walked for one hour and a half through the different Irish history stages, understanding how Irish civilizations used to live, their resources and beliefs. Later, we went to Wexford town centre, and kids walked around, visiting some shops and fast food restaurants.


By 6:00 pm we were arriving back to the school. Children had dinner, free time and finally the BIG QUIZ (evening activity). In this competition children were split in 10 different teams mixing the different nationalities. There were 8 rounds of 10 questions of culture, sports, Rathdown, music, countries… The competition was very tight, the kids were very enthusiastic trying to sum up points to win. Team 3 was finally the winner, and they had candy!


At 22:30 they went to sleep, not without having before biscuits with chocolate milk. On Monday, they were starting their English lessons so they should rest and get ready for the level exam!

Best wishes until the next post!