Hey there!

I’m back with more news!

Today was Monday, so the kids started their first routine day. At 9:00 am, very punctually, there were split into different classes to do the English test. It lasted 2 hours, and it included a grammar test a reading and a little speaking interview. Teachers corrected the exams as fast as possible, and at 11:30 children were told their respective levels. From 11:30 to 12:30 they had the first class!


At 12:30 – 13:00 we had lunch and thereafter kids could choose between sports or Arts & Grafts and drama. English Summer guys decided to pick up sports. What a vitality! They did gymnastics, basketball, rugby, tennis…Before having dinner they had free time in which they had fun with new International friends J.


At dinner time, the kids were very excited, the evening program for Mondays is Disco! The kids had more than one hour to get ready. They were very fancy and beautiful J. A professional DJ came to Rathdown, and ATC monitors decorated the Palmers Hall with colour lights… It was amazing! You cannot imagine how kids were dancing the whole night every single song.

They went to sleep very excited and overjoyed!

Tomorrow I’ll came back with more news J So… Hang around!