Good morning families!!

Yesterday was an extremely cool day! We had the half day tour to Bulters Chocolate Factory with the ATC Activity leader (Austin)!


Children had their breakfast as usually and took their three hours lessons. After some free time, we had lunch and got ready for the excursion. The bus picked up us at 14:30 and drove us to the magic factory. The kids spent the whole trip singing so it seemed shorter.

Once there the children had to dress up as chocolate workers. They all were very funny! We had a short film about chocolate’s history and about the start and history of Bulters, which is a 100% Irish company. It was founded by a pioneering lady called Marion Bulter who established the company in the heart of the fashionable Dublin, making her delicious confections by hand, until 1959, when the company was bought by Seamus Sorensen from Cork. The company is still owned and run by the Sorensen Irish family.


Children could see the workers and some of the confection processes, at the production chain floor of the factory. Later, they were carried into a museum where they had to complete a quiz about some of the basics of the chocolate production and the company itself. At the end of the visit they could taste some chocolate sweets and design their own chocolate elephant. It was an awesome experience!

Back to the school, we had dinner and a movie session! The kids could choose different film options and enjoyed the cinema session with some pop-corn! Yummy!

At 11:00 pm we sent them to sleep. They needed to rest and recharge their batteries for the following day.

I’ll keep in touch with you guys! Remember you can follow the children daily life in Twitter too, I’ll be posting once a day! See you around!