Hey there! What’s the story?

Thursday was a great day!

As usual, kids woke up at 7:30 am to have breakfast at 8:00 and be ready for the English class at 9:00 very punctually. Some of you have been asking me for the English levels, so… yes, here I have a list with the classes, teachers and their respective levels according to the Cambridge system:

Name of the group Teachers Cambridge level
Blackrock Valerie/Megan B1+
Bray Megan/Valerie A2
Dalkey Adrian/Anna A1+YL
Malahide Anna/Adrian A2 YL
Trinity Sackey/Dermot B1
Phoenix Park Dermot/Mary B2+
Dublin Castle Mary/Sackey B2

Kids are enjoying their classes. Some of them are preparing a radio project for Friday. They are involved either in the weather group or in gossip section. As an exception, I could get into some classes and took some pictures. Yes!


In the afternoon time, they were all doing sports. Two of the girls tried the Arts & Grafts workshops and spend one hour and a half designing and drawing figures in glass posters.



For evening program, the ATC Irish monitors prepared for us a Karaoke night, in which children could sing individually, by pairs or groups. It was very funny! A professional DJ came to manage the set-up, kids had fun and sang as much as they wanted. We had a big surprise with one our girls voice…Well done Xenia! She delighted us singing Rolling in the deep by Adele. What a difficult song and how well she sang it!


I’ll keep posting… so stick around!

Lots of kisses!