Hello everyone! I’m back with more news!

On Sunday, we had the ‘Full Day Tour to Wicklow Gaol & Glendalough with ATC Activity leaders, so we had an energetic breakfast at 8:00 am; Toasts with different flavour jams and butter, milk or yogurt with different choice of cereals, fruit and orange juice.


The bus lasted around one hour to get to Wicklow. Once there, the children enjoyed a tour in the prison. They could see the poor prisoner’s conditions in each century since the gaol was built until when it was closed. Republican prisoners were enclosed in it during the Irish War of Independence and Irish Civil War; the last prisoners left in 1924, so in 1995 it was renovated and reopened as a museum in 1998.

After the visit, we moved to Glendalough to enjoy a magnificent walk around the park and explore the Irish nature. At the end, the kids could buy some ice-creams and crepes. Yummy!


When we were back to Rathdown, ATC monitors had prepared a terror night for the evening program. The house school was transformed into a haunted house, and in groups of 8 the kids had a terror experience. A dead bride was trying to communicate with their husband, and asked the children to help her to find his memories in the haunted house. She had been killed the day of her wedding by the priest, and from then on, the husband had become crazy and taciturn. What a terrifying story! I personally lived the experience with some of the kids and it was brilliant! Two of our girls were chosen as a volunteer to help in the theatre for the haunted house tour! They were amazing! Well done!


Meanwhile the rest of the students had a cinema in the Palmer Hall, and watched Star Wars.

At around 10:30 all the children had supper, as usual, and went to bed. The following day they started again with more classes, and needed to rest and get ready for the second week in Rathdown School.

I’ll be back with more news and photos. Stick around!

Have a nice week!