Hello families! Welcome back!

We are starting a new week and soon you will have your children back… But let’s not pre-empt things! We still have a few days to enjoy here in Ireland!

On Monday children started the new lessons. They are refreshed after a long and fun weekend. The progress reports of the last week were good for all the kids in English Summer and the teachers seemed very happy. They are doing their best and I will encourage them to keep this great attitude until the end.


We had for lunch a very cool menu: The classic Hamburger sandwich with topics of their choice, such as cheese, veggies, tomato, lettuce…. Of course, vegetables are always available for the healthiest children, but one day is one day, so let’s enjoy! As usual, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm the boys played sports and did some other activities. The girls had a group meeting instead ;). These hours together made us more closer ones to each other’s. Thereafter, we had dinner and got ready for the evening program: The Talent Show! Chloe, one of our favourite ATC girl monitors made plats on our hairs for the night! She told us, it is a very common Irish hairstyle!


Different talents came up in the show: Dancers, singers, piano players and humourists. We had a special talent in our group, but we had to push her to perform in front of all the camp. Finally, Marina went straight to the piano and played incredibly a very popular song! Everyone was amazed… She could have won if she had subscribed for the competition. Anyway, for me, her actuation was the best by far!

See you tomorrow families! I’ll keep you updated :)