Hello families! How are you doing? Kids are doing well!

Here I am with more news. Tuesday was a happy day! Children woke up at 7:45 to have the breakfast between 8:00 and 9:00 am. After tiding up the rooms they got ready to English lessons. When classes were over, we all together had lunch and rested for an hour.

In the afternoon, they had 3 light intensity sport hours. In the first round, we played a basketball match and some games based on sinking baskets as fast as possible to kill the rest of the participants. We played tennis as well, and after a break we went to the gym were an ATC monitor (Jack) had prepared some other games for us. It was fun!

Andrea, Maria and Xenia decided to go to the pool instead; I didn’t go there, but they came back to the school very happy. Thereafter children had a free hour, which is a nice moment to have a shower and chat with their friends in the TV room, one of their favourite meeting places of the school. At 6:00 pm, as usually, we had dinner, and after they went with group leaders to the town to buy some stuff. They bought mainly food to have snacks for the rest of the time here in Ireland. After 10 days, it is still difficult to adapt to the Irish meal time schedule, so at 9 pm they are usually very hungry.


In the evening program, we had a big game around the whole campus: FINDING THE TREASURE. Children were mixed and split in 13 different teams, and each team was given a set of riddles to solve. In each solution, a letter was given and they had to come up with a sentence including all the letters found. It sounds very simple, but trust me, it wasn’t easy at all! None of the teams could solve the complete sentence and find the treasure. At the end though, team number three kids were the ones that got closer to the answer, hence the winners.

After this happy Tuesday, children went to bed and so I did!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another happy day!