Good morning parents!,

Yesterday we woke up and we went to the dining room to have breakfast… still in our pyjamas! That was due to it was Pyjamas special breakfast. After eating, we went to brush our teeth and, at 10:00, it was time to go to class!

At 13:30h, the bell rang to indicate the end of the second class of the day. We had lunch and, at 15h, we went back to English class! When the last class of the day ended we went to the swimming pool. It was amazing! 

At snack time we welcomed six little pink ladies who introduced us that night’s party; The Rock n’ Roll party! They invited us to a dance that would be held at night. We were so excited!

Then it was time for the circus and the chemistry clubs.

English Summer Martes 23 1821

At 19h the new rotations of the Olympic Games started. They are getting more and more interesting!

English Summer Martes 23 551

At 20h we all went to the shower to get ready for the party. We all dressed up like in the film Grease and, then, we went to the basketball court to eat hamburguers and ice-cream! It was astonishing how many rockers there were in La Capella! During dinner we had the performances of our little Pink Ladies and the T-Birds.

English Summer Martes 23 4631

When we had all finished having dinner we looked for a partner to start the Dance Competition! And the ones  who didn’t want to dance could play some games with our monitors. At the end of the night the winners of the Dance competition were announced, as well as the Best dressed couple, they were all amazing!

English Summer Martes 23 6711

Finally, we all went to sleep to rest and regain our strength for the following day. Good night Poblet!

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Good morning parents!,

Ayer por la mañana nos despertamos y fuimos al comedor para desayunar… ¡aún en pijama! Eso fue debido a que era Pyjamas Breakfast, el special breakfast del día. Al acabar, fuimos a lavarnos los dientes y, a las 10h, era hora de ir a clase!

A la 13:30 sonó la campana que nos indicaba que la segunda clase de inglés del día acababa. Comimos y, a las 15h, ¡volvimos a las aulas para la última clase de inglés del día! Cuando la clase acabó nos fuimos a la piscina. ¡Fue genial!

A la hora de la merienda dimos la bienvenida a seis pequeñas pink ladies que nos presentaron la fiesta de la noche; la ¡Rock n’ Roll Party! Nos invitaron a un baile que tendría lugar esa misma noche. ¡Qué ganas!

Entonces era hora de los clubs de Circus y de Chemistry y, a las 19h, empezaron las nuevas rotaciones de Olympic Games.

A las 20h fuimos todos a las duchas para prepararnos para la fiesta. Nos vestimos todos inspirados en el estilo de la película Grease y bajamos al comedor a comer hamburguesas y helado. ¡Cuantos rockeros y rockeras por La Capella! Durante la cena tuvimos la actuaciones de nuestras pequeñas Pink Ladies y los T-Birds de Grease.

Cuando hubimos acabado de cenar buscamos una pareja de baile para empezar la Dance Competition! Los que no quisieron bailar pudieron jugar a una serie de juegos con nuestros monitores. Al final de la noche se anunciaron los ganadores de la Dance competition , igual que los ganadores al Best dressed couple, ¡fueron todos geniales!

Finalmente, fuimos todos a dormir para descansar y coger fuerzas para el día siguiete. Good night Poblet!

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