Good night everyone!


This morning we have welcomed the new students here in Poblet! We are looking forward to start this adventure and the monitors have prepared the house of La Capella in order to have everything ready to receive the new turn in our summer camps.

The students that are staying here for three weeks, yesterday spent the day some in Port Aventura and the rest at the swimming pool, having some rest to get ready for the PET exam they are taking next Tuesday.


Today we received the families in the morning and, in the afternoon, all the students did an exam to evaluate theiir level of English. In this special turn we have students doing different activies in our theme camps: Horseriding Camp and Dance Camp. Tonight we are having a Welcome Party to start the week with energy!!!


We will be posting here all the activities that we will be doing during the week, for the families to be always well informed! Remember you can find all the photos in the customer area and you can also find us in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

See you soon, this is just starting!!