Hello again!!

Yesterday we started with the English classes as well as with our new clubs: Scape Room, Games around the world, Big games and Circus. The Horseriding (18 students) and Dance Camp (30 students) had their first sessions, with castings and tests to see the different levels of the students in our summer camp!




On the other hand, we also started the Olympics Competition, having the first matches between the different teams: Eagles, Snakes, Geese and Bears. We went to the pool for the first time and we had a lot of fun!!

At night, we enjoyed the Olympics Ceremony, presenting all the teams and having some competition games between juniors and seniors, of course counting with the presence of the best athletes of the world! We finished the party dancing the songs of the summer and we went to bed, ready for another day in La Capella.

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Froggy sends you hugs!!