Good morning family!

Yesterday morning we did not have froggy games so we woke up a little bit later! Almost all of us, because the students that were doing the PET exam left the house at 7:30!! The rest of us, we had a special «Reverse Breakfast» and afterwards we went to class. At midday, for lunch we had a delicious lentils salad and «fricandó».


After lunch, the students of the Horseriding and Dance Camp went to their respectives places and everybody else to English activities with the teachers. At clubs time, we were given a really interesting speech about «Security in social networks» given by an official police officer.


We ate donuts for snack and then we did some sport for the Olympic games! At the pool we enjoyed the sun and we had a lot of fun before coming back to the house to have shower and prepare for the Mexican Party typical from our summer camps.


It was great to have mexican dinner outside!! We had «burritos», «nachos»… and an amazing show as well as fun activities!

Another great day in La Capella! :)

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