Hello again and good morning!

Yesterday was a very busy day!! We had surprise party and it turned to be… POLYNESIA. After class, at lunch, a polynesian tribe visited us to invite us to the party in our summer camp.

At Dance Camp, the students started to create their own choreography and afterwards we had a Hip Hop and a Funky-Jazz workshop. After some snack they continued practicing and preparing the final choreography that they will be dancing on Sunday, at the closing ceremony!



Clubs, Olympics, Horseriding Camp… And we all went together to the pool, where we swam, played and danced!

At night, after dinner the party began with an incredible show… the kids had to save the tribe’s witch from a dangerous incantation!! After some really dificult but fun challenges, the teams got to find the magical potion that would make the witch come back from her sickness! It was magical!



See you tomorrow!

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