Good mornig mothers and fathers!

Yesterday it was the most elegant day in our summer camp here in Poblet: OSCAR’S NIGHT.

Anyway, we started the beautiful day with an outside breakfast! After class, for lunch we had some delicious carbonara spaguetti and fish with beans puree.

In the afternoon, we continued with Horseriding and Dance Camp while the rest of the students had another hour of English activities. Later on, when the Olympic games were finished, we all went together to the pool but just for half an hour, as we had to get ready for the party!!


Such an special night!! We were all well dressed and we had an amazing elegant dinner at the garden. Afterwards, the Oscar’s ceremony began, where the monitors, directors and MP’s gave awards to the students as well as the students gave awards to the monitors! It was magical!! The ceremony was also shared on live!

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See you tomorrow :)