Hi parents!

Our students have just started the term in English Summer Camp in Poblet! So yesterday the monitors told them which classes they were: all the kids attended class and met their teachers and classmates. During the break, they ate snack and continued with the lessons until lunch time.

In the afternoon, our students played »Clubs»: these are some rotation activities that are played everyday.  During the week, students will go to the mountain for a trip, they will play traditional games… They also met their olympic team and their coaches: all together, they created a chant and a dance for the party. The afternoon ended up with an amazing time at the pool: we danced, we played in the water…

On the other hand, the kids who join in Horseriding Camp went to riding center in Montblanc, where they had such an amazing time!


After the shower, kids had lunch with their teams to start meeting each other and after that, the »Olympic Party» started. All the teams showed to everyone their chant and after the show, they went play some games!

Finally, after some dances, they went to sleep. It was a really nice day for everyone in Poblet!42413706665_bf74de3a67_k

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