Good morning parents!

This first week is almost over and our students are enjoying this term a lot. As everyday in English Summer SA Summer Camp, students woke up and put their clothes differently: it was the »reverse breakfast». After tidying up the room, brushing their teeth and playing a little bit, they went to class.

Yesterday was the last day to prepare the exam because on Friday, all the students are doing an exam to check if they are improving their level.

They ate a snack and carried on with the lessons, they had lunch and afterwards, they played and went to class.

When the Clubs time arrived, students had to stay in their classrooms because of the weather so they played all together a big game that consisted of imitating some films or famous people: the team who done more imitations won.

Then, when Clubs finished, they ate their afternoon snack and went play the Olympics: teams are all playing their best to win the competition!

While students were in the pool, some kids went on a nice cultural trip and then, they all come back and got a shower.


After having dinner, students went to the disco and the party started. Teachers and monitors danced and kids decided who won this dance competition. Finally, they all danced and went to their bedrooms.
It was an incredible disco party, with lots of highlight colors. Kids got painted by monitors, they were all gorgeous!

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