Good morning parents!

Friday was an amazing day in Poblet! As everyday in English Summer SA, our students woke up and after Froggy games, they went to the dining room ate their breakfast and then went to the last class of the week. They had to do their english test to check if they are improving their english level. Most of the students told us that the exam went well!

After having lunch and a break, they played clubs and olympics! Our teams are getting more competitive because the end of the term will arrive soon.42708981404_69f17df2b6_k

After a good time in the swimming pool, students had a shower, had dinner and went to the garden, where our monitors explained them the game of the night. »Capture the flag» was the game played, but our teams had also to try to have lots of wood pieces because the main objective was to build the biggest castle!

41617349840_3ad5903b29_kAll the kids enjoyed a lot the party and when it finished, they went sleep because on Saturday they were going to PORTAVENTURA!

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