Hello parents!
Our second week of this 2C is being very cool! Yesterday, our students had breakfast with teams and after brushing their teeth and doing their lessons, as everyday in this English Summer Camps, they had lunch with their groups. Kids played »clubs»: this week, they are playing different ones such as lego building, construct a car with some materials like wood sticks…

After eating their snack, they played Olympics doing their best: they all know that this sports competition is almost finished and they want to be the winner team.
The pool time was different yesterday: it was a swimming competition with teams! Our students had to swim as fast as they could and afterwards, they played in the swimming pool and danced until the shower time.

After having dinner, they all get reunited in the basketball court to start the party, it was »The Big Froggy game». This game was like »La Oca» but in a big dimension. Students had to play different games and after all, the team who played faster and arrived first, won the game.

They all had a nice time all together and played with lots of energy: it was such a nice party!

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