Hi parents!!!

Our term is almost finished! Yesterday in Poblet, our students as everyday in the camp, woke up, played froggy games, had breakfast and prepared the english exam.

After having lunch and their last english class of the day, they played clubs. Everyday, our students play some clubs that are always changing and after that; they eat their snack and go play Olympic Games and support their teams.

After the pool time, they all came back to the house and had a shower: they were so excited because it was the Formal Dress Night. Our students dressed up with their best and the most beautiful clothes in this important night, and despite of the bad weather, we finally finished the ceremony outdoors, in the garden.

Our monitors gave to some students their awards and we all danced our term dances.28619010687_855965d25a_k

It was definitely an amazing and emotive night for all the members of this 2C with lots of surprises, and when the party finished, they all went to sleep.

You have available the pictures of the day in the clients area.

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