Good morning parents!
Yesterday was the first day of this English Summer Camp: our students arrived to the camp and met their mates, as well as teachers and the whole staff. When all our kids were finally in Poblet, they all had lunch and afterwards, they went to the garden steps and assisted to a little show of their monitors and teachers, it was a little presentation of every member of this amazing staff before starting the english test.
Before having their snack, they all went to the basketball court and our directors made a speech about the rules of the camp: respect, help…
In the afternoon, our students met their monitor and their group doing some dynamic games. Then, they went to the pool and played all together.

After having a shower and had dinner, they wait the party to start: Froggy was visiting us!!!

The party started with some games in groups. After playing those, students went to the disco and our monitors made a theater about some polynesian people that were trying to find froggy.

The night finished with some dances and they finally all went to sleep: it was a nice first day for everyone!!


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