Hi parents!

English Summer SA students are all very excited about this term!!!

Yesterday, it was »photos day» so all along the day, they took the pictures with their monitor group, with the classmates and finally all together.

In the morning, they played froggy games before having breakfast and after brushing their theeth, they went to class for the first time here in Poblet. They met their new teachers and classmates. During the first and second hour of english, our kids started with grammar excersises and after having lunch, they attended to the last class of the day. This last hour of english is a little bit different. During this hour, students practice english as everyday but in a more active and fun way: teachers prepare dynamic activities that are focused on improving their speaking and listening skills.


After that, students went with their olympic teams and coaches and they started to know eachother. As they were talking about themselves, they chose one capitain of the junior team and another for the senior one. Also, they created an anthem for their team because the party was »Olympic Night» and they will had to show it to the other teams. After having a snack, they played »clubs». Those, are some games where kids need to employ their logic and imagination while they practice some sport.

While most of our students were with their olympic teams, our Dance Camp students were doing their casting and our Horseriding students went practice their favorite sport!


After that, they went to the pool and played with their friends. When we all came back from the swimmingpool, students had a shower and then had dinner in teams.

The party was about to start: all the kids were reunited in the basketball court and our monitors made some shows before starting the games.

After playing a lot and having a nice night, we all danced some Summer Camp dances and finally, our students went to their bedrooms. It was a nice day in the camp for everyone!!!



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