Hi parents!

Yesterday, our students had an especial morning: they didn’t played Froggy Games so they had more time to sleep. It was »special breakfast», this means that kids have breakfast differently, for example, outdoors.

After having their breakfast and brushing their teeth, our students went to class. Those students who were doing the PET Exam, woke up earlier and went do the exam, so they didn’t assisted to class in the morning.

Our students had lunch and wait next class to start. While they were waiting, they played the World Championship. This competition is played by our students during their free time. If they win some matches, they help their olympic teams!4.3

When the last English class finished, it started to rain so our students didn’t played clubs as everyday, they stayed in the classrooms and played a game called »Don’t Panic» that is about mimics and painting.

Kids had a snack and after phoning their parents and having some free time, they started the olympics competition!

While some students were playing the olympics, the others were in the Dancecamp or Horseriding Camp.


When students finished the afternoon activites, they all went to the swimming pool and played in the water with their friends until it was the shower time. Then, after having a shower, kids went to the garden and wait the party to start. They had dinner in a real Mexican Cantina and after eating some nachos and burritos, their monitors made a show and prepared some games as if it was a real casino!4.5As you know, you can watch the pictures of the day in the clients area and follow us in TwitterFacebook and Instagram!