Good morning parents!

Yesterday, as every day in English Summer SA Camps, our students woke up at 08:00 and went play the »Froggy Games». Those, are made for our students to start the day with happiness and a lot of energy! After playing them, they went have breakfast and after brushing their theeth, they went to class.

After a morning full of English, they went have lunch with their monitors and teachers: they ate while they were having some interesting conversations with their theachers and mates.

When they finished their lunch, they went to the last class of the day and when this finished, they played clubs. Our students are always changing clubs, in this way, they can learn lots of different things and they don’t repeat the activities. While some students were in clubs, our dance camp students were in their dance class and our horseriders were practicing their favorite sport.


They had a snack and took their phones to call their families and waited olympics to start. When all the matches finished, kids went to the pool and as everyday, they played and danced our English Summer coreographies!


Our students were so excited because the party was the OSCARS NIGHT!!! They had a shower and dressed themselves with their best clothes!

When the party started, all the groups with their monitor and teacher, take a sit in the garden and started having an amazing dinner outdoors. It was an incredible party that finished with the awards for our students… What a fantastic night!


We all had a nice night all togheter and, after some dances, we went to sleep!

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