Hi everyone!

Yesterday, our students had to say goodbye to those students who have been here for 3 weeks…

Kids woke up later than normal days because it was the last »special breakfast»: they had an english breakfast with fried eggs, bacon…When they finished brushing their theeth, they went to class and after a break, they carried on with their english lessons and finally, they had lunch.

After some free time, they went to the last english class of the day and then, they started to play Clubs. They built a lego city, a bridge, a car… They only needed their hands and a lot of imagination and logic!


After those, they ate their snack and had a break before playing the olympics. While our students were having a break, our dance camp students made us a demonstration showing us what they have been learning this days in the dance classes!


As everyday in the camp, after playing the Olympics, our students went to the swimming pool…It was the last pool time of our 2 and 3 C students!!!

When we all came back, kids had a shower and went to the dinning room to have dinner. After that, we all meet at the basketball court to talk and say goodbye to our groups and monitors and we also played some games before watching a video of our 3C photos.


After saying goodbye and crying a little bit, our students went to sleep…Good night :)

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