Good Morning parents!!!

Yesterday at English Summer Camp of Poblet, after you said goodbye to your kids they did the English Exam so that they can later on be divided by classes in which they are going to learn a lot!!!

Right after, we all got together by monitors to start knowing more of each other but also to choose in which sports we would like to participate for the world championship. A competition of three different sports (badminton, chess and table tennis) in which students can earn points for their Olympic team!!!

With the monitor groups we played to some games to learn our companions group names, to learn about things that they like and also thing that they hate…

Once we were finished it was time to go to dinner!!! We had some delicious pasta soup and some sausages with cous-cous which were really good!!

Finally it arrived the time we all were waiting for…. Welcome to Foggyland party!!!

This time not only Froggy gave us its very welcome to his house, but also he brought with him all his family!!! It was four of them: Froggy itself, his little sibling which was learning to jump and to speak Froggy language, there was also Froggy’s mum and his grandad!!!

Froggy and his family teached us how to dance the term dance so that we’ll end up being experts dancing it.

TIME TO GO TO BED!!! Good night :)

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