Good Morning parents!!!

Yesterday we started a usual English Summer SA Camp routine in which we did a lot of different activities. We started the day with froggy games right after waking up. These games are used to activate our bodies in the morning and it also help us to meet new people of different teams which is great!!!

After having a lot of fun doing sport we had breakfast and we got ready for our first English Lessons. The Director of studies was the one who told us in which class each one of us had to go to make sure that we all learn as much as we can!!!


After two English lessons and one break between them, it was lunch time!!! Right after we had another English lesson of one hour and after that we went to the swimming pool where we had a great time refreshing ourselves.

Once swimming pool was finished, it was the time for doing clubs! These consist in some cooperative activities in which we all must work together to aim a goal. Some of these are: Ring of Fire, Balls of Fire, Scape Room…

Later, it was Olympic Games time which we invested on creating our team anthem and voting who would be our senior and junior captains!!!

At night we had the Olympic Games party in which each team had to show its own anthem to everyone and afterwards we wet to play some games that monitors had prepared for us. We ended up the night dancing the term song that Froggy and it’s family had taught us the night before. It was super fun!!!



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