Good morning Poblet!!!

Yesterday at the English Summer Camp of Poblet we had a great start of the day with a good breakfast as always and with great news!!! Monitors and teachers told us that from now on, every time that we speak in English out of our English lessons with our friends and not just with the staff, we would get froggypounds!!! These are extra points for our Olympics’ competition which can get us closer to victory!!!

Once we finished breakfast we went to our first English lesson of the day in which we did a competition to win a lollipop!!!

After this class and the one after break time, we went to have lunch. Right after as always, we went back to class to do our last English Lesson of the day which is really fun because is the most interactive one out of the 4 hours that we do per day.swimming-pool-poblet-campamentos-ingles-2018.jpg

Than we went to the swimming pool where we had a lot of fun, but we had to go to change our clothes to get ready for an excursion to «El mirador de les abelles» which was so pretty, but don’t think wrong!! There weren’t any bees that could bite us!!

Once we got there, we had to go back to La Capella to get ready to play the Olympic Games!!! It was a very nice afternoon that all of us enjoyed a lot.words-poblet-campamentos-ingles-2018.jpg

After dinner we had to put trainers on to be prepared for the big froggy games night in which all the teams had to do 8 different activities in the shortest time they could. These where activities like line up, pyramid, creating a sentence…


When we finished the competition it was time to go to bed!!!

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