Good Morning everyone!!!

Yesterday we had a very special day full of different activities which we enjoyed a lot!

When we woke up we had a nice breakfast but not before doing Froggy Games. These are a group of collaborative and cooperative activities that helps us to wake up at morning.

Once we finished it was time to go to the first English lesson of the day!!! To do so, our director of studies told us in which class each one of us is, so that we can all learn in order of the level we have. After this class we had a snack break and then we went back to class to learn more!!!

Our English lessons finished and it was time to have lunch to fill up our stomachs since we need a lot of energy during the day because we do a lot of sport and activities.

After lunch most of us went back to English Lessons but there was a small group (dance group) that went to the disco to do the dance castings to know in which dancing group should be each dancer!  We saw a lot of different but special styles there!!!


When the casting and the English Lessons finished, we all took our swimming costumes and towels to go to the swimming pool which we enjoyed a lot!!!

Usually after the swimming pool we would do clubs (solving problem activities) and Olympic Games but yesterday since it was a special day because a lot of new students arrived at the house, we changed the order to meet all up before doing activities together. When we all met up we presented ourselves to the whole team, we created a new anthem and we also voted the new captains of the team!!!

When clubs time finished we went to the shower and afterwards we had dinner with our teams!!!


That night we had the Olympic Games party in which all the teams competed to gain as much points as they could get to start the competition for the Olympic Games!!!

Then it was time to go to sleep.

Good Night!!!

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