Good Morning parents!!!

Yesterday at the English Summer Camp of Poblet we started the day a bit different!!! We had to go to breakfast with our pyjama on!! We had a great time discovering how all our fellows usually sleep, we had so much fun!

After that we followed our daily routine. We started our first English Lesson of the day, then the snack break in which a photographer took photos of us by monitor group. When finished we went back to English Lesson.

At lunch time we had a surprise in which we received a visit. It was a troubadour that came to invite us to the medieval party of the night in which we would have the pleasure of meeting the white and the red queens. These had been fighting against each other for a long time, but they had finally reached a solution and they wanted to invite us to the peace medieval party.

When this event was finished, we went back to class and it was followed by the swimming pool in which the photographer took pictures of us by teams.

Some of us, when the pool finished, had to change the clothes to be ready for the dance camp!!


Some others instead, after the pool we went to do clubs!!! We had clubs like risky bride, the floor is lava, giant seesaw and crossroads.

Once we finished we went to play Olympics which was followed by a shower time to get ready for the medieval party.

This one was at the garden of the house where we also had dinner. Once we finished dinner, a play got started in which the two peaceful and friendly queens started a discussion and they ended up steeling each other’s flag. To solve this situation, we played «Capture the flag».

Once we finished it was time to go to bed. GOOD NIGHT!!!

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