Good Morning Poblet!!!

Yesterday at the English Summer Camp of Poblet we had an amazing day!!!

We started the day with a lot of energy at froggy games time, when we finished we went to have breakfast as always, and once we finished we got prepared for the English Lessons.

What we didn’t know is that all the monitors and MP’s had prepared for us a party presentation in which they gave out the tickets that would allow us to enter to the BLACK & WHITE disco party!

Once this pre-party show finished, it was time to go back to class. When we finished, we had lunch and we had the last hour of English of the day. Then we put our swimming costumes on to be ready for the pool, in which we had so much fun and we also had the opportunity to refresh our bodies after a hot day.


Right afterwards we had clubs and dance camp time as usual, and we played basketball and volleyball at Olympic Games time.

When the night arrived we all had to dress up because all the girls had to wear white clothes and all the boys had to wear black clothes and all of us needed the ticket that the monitors and MP’s had given us to make sure that we could enter to the party.

Once we entered, we discovered the amazing disco party that the staff had prepared for us as well as the dance contest between monitors and teachers.

It was super fun!!!!

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