Good morning everyone!

Yesterday at English Summer SA Poblet we kicked off the day without froggy games and sleeping in a Little bit, getting ready to finish packing and say our last goodbyes to the Friends that were leaving the Camp.

When the closing ceremony started, the students picked up their diplomas from the World Championship. Then we left the front house area for the soccer field in the upper part of the house to start Athletics. There the  students had another opportunity to get points for their Olympics team and show off their abilities in tryouts such as long jump, high jump, running resistance…

Afterwards, we all got pretty emotional: it was time to say farewell to all the memories made in the term and the  Friends we had made during the past weeks. It has never been easy to say goodbye, but we all got back in our feet and reminded each other that it is never a goodbye, it’s a see you later!


Moreover, we were all very excited for the arrival of the new students and helped getting everything ready for the Check-In in the afternoon.

After eating lunch we went on a short field trip to the Monastery of Poblet, where we ate our snack and played many fun games enjoying the views. Then we made our way back to the house so that we could all take our showers and meet our new camp mates, and finally get together to eat dinner!

When we were all filled up with energy after eating dinner we had time to get to know each other and our monitors while plaing some games and discovering some of the places of the house.

After thinking that the night was over we received a visit from an honorable guest: Froggy, who had prepared a Welcome to Froggyland party for us. He welcomed the new students to the house and showed us how to move while dancing along some of our most famous Summer songs, and we danced our way to bed and fell asleep quick as a wink!

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