Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday at English Summer SA Poblet we had an amazing day full of fun things to do!

We woke up at eight o’clock and started the day with the Froggy Games before having breakfast. We played games such as The Spider, Stop… This helped us getting ready for the exciting day we had ahead: Pictures Day.

After putting on our English Summer SA t-shirts we had breakfast in the dining room, charging batteries to wear our best smiles for the pictures. Once we had finished our breakfast we had time to play outside, and then we went to tidy up our rooms and to brush our teeth.


We got our folders and our pencil cases and outside the house all the teachers were waiting for us with our director of studies, who would later tell us what class we would be.

After class we had a break and started practicing our smiles to get our group pictures taken with our awesome English Summer t-shirts. Then we had to go back to class to keep learning our lesson.

At lunch time we still had to keep our best smiles on so that we could be photographed again with our camp mates, and then we played outside until it was time to go to our afternoon classes, and the Chef Camp students went to the tent to start their cooking lessons.

In the Chef Camp we cooked three different dishes from American cuisine, and the lesson was imparted by Clive, an American Chef. Then we got to try the food, and it was amazing!


Then it was time to go to the swimming pool, so we put our swim suits on, took our towels, and walked to the swimming pool. It felt very well to be swimming in the heat on the afternoon. We played some pool games andenjoyed our time in the water.

Sin título

When we got back to the house we ate our snack and went to the meeting point to start Olympics. Even though we did not get to play sports yet, we all created the anthem for our teams that we later on sang at the Olympics Party at night. The team captains were chosen and we made sure to learn the rules of the Olympics sports by heart.

Afterwards we returned to the meeting point singing along «Solo Dance», one of the songs of the summer, and started Clubs.


When we finished clubs, and we all had shower it was time for dinner. It was a special supper, since we would all sit with our Olympics team instead of sitting by monitor. It was the perfect time to get to know better the students from our teams.

And then the Olympics Party started!

After introducing the rules of the games and explaining the English Challenge, the games started and the teams got to compete against each other. The activities that we did were a special version of Tic Tac Toe in which the students had to do relays before putting the circle in the board, Paint a Picture and Throw the Ball. We were having so much fun that we lost track of time and it was already time to go to bed!


We went up to our rooms, brushed our teeth, turned the lights off and went to sleep.

What an awesome day!

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