Hello parents!

Yesterday at English Summer SA Poblet we woke up in the morning without Froggy Games and had an English style super special breakfast, with scrambled eggs and bacon.

It was a very energizing breakfast that helped us get ready to go to class and start the day on the right mood.

After tiding up our rooms we went to our English classes pumped to learn the lesson of the day. At 11:30 we got our break from classes and had the possibility to eat a piece of fruit, and then went back to class.

At lunch we had lentils soup with sauced turkey that was delicious. When we finished we went up to our rooms to brush our teeth. Then we had some time to play games with each other outside before going to Chef Camp or to our afternoon classes.


In the Chef Camp yesterday we cooked Italian food, and the lesson was instructed by an expert. One of the dishes we cooked was Spaghetti Carbonara, and they tasted amazing.


When our afternoon classes and the lesson of the day in the Chef Camp were over we all got ready to go to the swimming pool. We had so much fun swimming and fighting the heat of the afternoon.


Once in the house we ate our snack and had time to play together outside with the rest of the students before going to clubs. Some of the activities we did in clubs were Parachute and Paralympic games. We enjoyed our time with the different games and improved our cooperation skills.

After clubs it was time for the first match from the Olympics. Eagles and Snakes played football and had a very tied competition. Bears and Turtles played handball. When the matches were over we went up to our rooms and got in the shower so that we could start getting dressed and ready for the party of the night: Rock’n’Roll!

It was a very special night since we were all dressed for the occassion as rockers. It also was very exciting because it would be one of the few nights that we would eat dinner outside in the basketball court.

The T-birds and the Pink Ladies did not miss the party either and gave us some good company while eating our great hamburgers and icecreams that are the typical food of the party.


When the dinner was over we were all ready to move our bodies and that was when the dancing contest started. For the students that did not want to participate in the dancing contest there were some games prepared for them, like bowling or carrying the ball with a spoon.

A special guest arrived right before it was time to go to bed: Jay’Lem On. He played live music for us and it was amazing.


We did not realize how fast time was passing and the time to go to bed arrived very quickly.

The party was over so we went up to our rooms, brushed our teeth and went straight to bed.

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