Good morning everyone!

Yesterday at English Summer SA Poblet we woke up in the morning and met all the students at the meeting point to start the day with the great Froggy Games!

Afterwards, we had breakfast and went to our rooms to tidy them up a little bit before going to our english classes, like every morning.

After our classes we had a break and had some time to rest up and eat something before going back to class. When the classes were over we went to the dining room to eat lunch, and after going up to our rooms to brush our teeth we went down to the garden and kept playing until it was time to go to class and to the Chef Camp.

It was Mexican Cooking Day in the Chef Camp, so we made Fajitas and Guacamole that tasted delicious. We also baked a chocolate cake and ate it once it was fully baked.


It was a very hot day in Poblet, so going to the pool was a great idea. We had time to play all together and freshen up a little bit before going to clubs.

Since it was Saint Mary yesterday, some of the kids went to church to attend service and then got back to the Camp to play Olympics.

The Snakes played basketball against the Turtles, and the Bears played volleyball against the Eagles. We had a very good time while competing and practicing team-work to get as many points as possible.

When the Olympics were over we showered and got ready for the party of the night: the Big Froggy Game.


The Big Froggy Game is a huge board game that children play with a big dice. The aim of the game was to do as many activities as possible from the organized rotation in the least amount of time.

We had an awesome night full of games and a good chance to get points for the Olympics teams.

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