Happy day everyone!

Yesterday at English Summer SA Poblet it was a very special day: Formal dress Party.

We woke up later than normally in the morning because we did not have froggy games. It was Special Breakfast Day too, so we had our breakfast in the garden of the house. Instead of the food we normally eat in the morning we had bakeries: ensaimadas, napolitanas and doughnuts. Everything tasted very good.


After charging our batteries to face the long day ahead, we went upstairs to brush our teeth and tidy up our rooms to get them ready for the daily room inspection. Then it was time to go to class.

At lunch time we ate and then went up to brush our teeth. Afterwards we had time to play with each other outside. Then Emma, our director of studies, called us back to class and our monitors to the Chef Camp.

In the Chef Camp it was Bakery Day so we baked very impressive cakes that we would be offered to try the next morning during breakfast. We worked very hard and they looked and tasted amazing!


Then we went to the swimming pool and just like everyday we had an awesome time. However, it was a little bit cloudy so we all got out from the swimming pool earlier than normally and enjoyed each other’s company sitting on the grass.

During snack time we all had chances to call our parents and eat something to charge some more batteries to give it all in the Clubs and the Olympics.

When the time to do clubs came some of us did the Shelter Challenge, a very cool club in which we got to build a small shelter-house out of the resources we could find in nature. Others did the Games Around the World club.


After clubs we went to Olympics, but this time we had to claim «game over» earlier. That was because since we all had to get ready for the awards night this way we would have much more time to dress up.

We had a blast in the disco, which had been turned into the ballroom of a very nice restaurant. The tables were organized just like in any formal awards event. Our monitors, MPs and teachers served us our food and it was time to eat!

When we had finished our food the awards ceremony started, and we mixed the giving away of prizes with some dances from the summer camp. Then we all went to the bed waiting for more exciting activities to come.

It was a very fun night full of very special and memorable moments! Watch it visiting our clients’ area to see our photos and send us an e-mail to esfpoblet@englishsummer.com. Remember to follow us in FacebookTwitter and Instagram :)