Good morning parents!

Yesterday we had an amazing Monday in Poblet! We woke up at 8.15h in the morning and before breakfast time we did Froggy Games to start the day.

It was the first day of English classes so we took the pencilcase and the folders and we went to the garden where the Director of studies told us which was our English class.

Then we had lunch, we tidy up the dinning room after it, we brushed our teeth and we got ready for the last hour of class of the day.

After it, we went to the swimming pool!! It was a sunny day so almost everyone was swimming with their friends and monitors!swimming-pool-campamentos

In the afternoon, all the teams reunited with their coaches and we did some presentations to get to know each other, we chose the captains of the team and we invented an anthem for the team! Then we had Clubs time, some problem solving activities that we will be doing every afternoon. Yesterday we had Night line, tower of hanoi, cooperative squares, rings of fire and line up.


Finally, shower time to prepare for the OLYMPIC’S NIGHT! We all wore the team t-shirt, we had dinner with our olympics team and then…. PARTY! We did the Olympics Ceremony, our presenters explained us how the competition will work, we played some games with our teams and we end up dancing all together!!


It was a tiring day so we went to sleep early to be ready for Tuesday… we will have MEDIEVAL PARTY!! 

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