Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday it was another funny day in Poblet.

We woke up later than usual because we didn’t have Froggy Games, so we started the day with an English breakfast and wearing our pyjamas!! The breakfast included bacon, eggs, sausages, beans… it was delicious!


After it, we went back to our rooms to change the clothes, tidy up the bedroom and make the bed before going to class.

In the afternoon, in the Clubs activity we had Buggy Construction and The floor is lava: problem solving activities where we had to build a buggy with some materials with our team and being able to go from one platform to another without touching the floor and using some wheels with some conditions that our monitors told us.


We also had the first Olympics rotations!! Each team played some matches against other teams to start winning points for the Olympics Score.


And at night…. MEDIEVAL PARTY! We had Medieval dinner outside, we ate chicken, boiled potatoes, bread with tomato and cold meat. After dinner, the two queens of Poblet’s Kingdom, the White Queen and the Red Queen had a fight and they steal their flags between each other and we had to help them to take it back, so we played Capture the Flag around the whole house. Half of the camp was supporting the White queen and the other half the red Queen. It was so funny!!!!


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