Good Morning!!

Yesterday we had an amazing wednesday in the camp! We woke up early to do Froggy games, we had breakfast, we brushed our teeth and we went to English Classes.

At lunch time while we were eating, three mexican boys came to the dinning room and invited us to a party at night where kids had to choose a team, Guacamole team and Frijolito team.

In the afternoon, we had more English Classes and after it, as it was raining outside, we played a roll-playing game called DON’T PANIC where the kids had to come to a check point where we told them a word and they had to go with their team and do mimics, painting, explaining words without saying a name… to get some points.dont panic-campamentos

When it stopped raining we had a break and ate a snack and… IT’S CLUB TIME! We did problem solving activities such as Tower of Hanoi, Line up, The boat is sinking, Cooperative Squares or Risky Bridge.clubs-campamentos-inbles

Olympics time at 19h, where we played Football, Handball, Basketball and Volleyball matches and to end up the day we took a shower and… MEXICAN DISCO PARTY!

In the Mexican Party, we had dinner all together outside, we ate nachos with guacamole, rice with curry and burritos while we saw some performances of our monitors and we finished doing some singing and dancing competition between Guacamole and Frijolito’s team, the level of the competition was so high and we had loooooots of fun!


And tomorrow… FROGGY AWARDS!

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