Hello everybody and welcome back! Yesterday we had an amazing day! The day started with an special breakfast: cooperative breakfast. The kids had to get their breakfast in pairs helping each other. Having finished our breakfast we headed to class.

Durante el break de la mañana nos hicimos las fotos del turno, y así  poder tener un bonito recuerdo de estos días tan mágicos.

And in the blink of an eye lunch time had arrived. After enjoying a delicious meal and spending some chilled time with our friends, we went back to class. Chef camp students went back to the kitchen to prepare pizzas and some sweet bread.


During lunch time we had a surprise. The two queens of Krakrovia visited us and with the presence of Al-tupisco (our merchant) they gave us three wishes

El resto de niños fueron a la clase de la tarde y en un abrir y cerrar de ojos llegó la hora de la piscina.

We love going to the swimming pool! We went there with our teams to take some photos and then we had the chance to swim and play. These days have been so hot so going to the swimming pool is one of our favourite things to do. We had a snack and during the break we phoned home for the first time this term. The kids were very happy that they could talk to you and tell you all the things that they are doing and learing.

Una vez hubimos descansando un poco, fuimos a los clubs y más tarde a los Olympics.

Your kids are getting so excited with the competition. Every team is doing their best and we have very good players. Moreover, they are playing fair and strenghtening their values. We always keep in mind that, although winning and competing is fun; the most important thing is to have fun and respect each other in order to enjoy every minute!

Los niños están cada vez más motivados con la competición; les encanta sentirse parte de su equipo y así lo demuestran: animando con todas sus fuerzas ilusionados. Además, están poniendo en acción un gran abanico de valores como la comprensión, el juego limpio o el perdón entre otros

And in between anthems and cooking, shower and dinner time arrived. We had dinner outside because we were celebrating medieval party. However, it was not a regular medieval party because we had the company of some very special characters: HSM, Aladdin, Toy Story and many more… They came to our party to satisfy the wishes of the queens that had previously asked for it to the genie during lunch time.

The kids were fascinated with the show! Once the show had finished we got the chance to play some carnival games and to dance our widely known English Summer dances. We definetely had lots of fun with our friends and monitors.

La fiesta medieval fue un auténtico show lleno de personajes disney que la reina había pedido como deseo por la mañana. Los alumnos tuvieron la oportunidad de jugar a juegos típicos de feria como los pulsos, el water-pong y muchos más… Además bailamos al ritmo de los hits más internacionales del verano.


And that´s it for today!

Los días en la Capella pasan cada vez más rápido, y nosotros no nos olvidamos de lo más importante: disfrutar cada instante al máximo. 

See you soon parents!