Hello parents! The weekend has arrived to La Capella. Yesterday, we started the day with Froggy games to get active. Then we went to class as usual and they reviewed the lessons because they were taking the English test after the break. They were a bit nervous at first but they managed to do it very well.

Buenos días papás y mamás! El fin de semana ha llegado a la Capella. Ayer vuestros hijos e hijas realizaron el test de inglés que hacen todos los viernes y les fue muy bien!


After an intense morning of classes we all went to have lunch to fuel our bodies! Then chef camp students went to the kitchen to prepare some Tapas that we ate later at dinner time. The rest of students went to class as usual and then we all went to the swimming pool.

Yesterday we did the swimming competition during the pool time. We were all divided by teams and we swam as fast as possible in order to win more points for the Olympics competition. On Sunday we will know the winner and all the kids are doing a great last effort.

Después de una mañana intensa, los estudiantes del chef cocinaron chipirones y tapas que pudimos degustar en la hora de la cena. Después fuimos todos juntos a la piscina donde realizamos la swimming competition. Todos los niños y niñas se esforzaron mucho por conseguir puntos para su equipo. El domingo en la ceremonia conoceremos los ganadores y están todos muy emocionados y dando lo mejor de nosotros.


The afternoon went as usual: we did the last rotation of clubs and Olympics. The term is coming to an end…

And then the night arrived. Yesterday we had a different night because we did a big game: capture the flag. The children were divided in four teams with four different areas in where they hided their flag. Then, the objective was to find the others team flags as fast as possible. They had a lot of fun and were very motivated with the competition.

Después llegó la noche e hicimos una dinámica diferente. Jugamos a capture the flag, donde los niños disfrutaron muchísimo corriendo de lado a lado de la casa intentando encontrar las banderas de los equipos contrarios. Los niños se fueron muy contentos a la cama y emocionados porque mañana nos íbamos a Portaventura  y a Costa Caribe.

For some of us the term is ending, others are staying a week more, but all of us are enjoying the term as if it was the last day!

And that´s it for today, see you soon!