Good morning papás y mamás!!

Yesterday, Sunday morning in Campamentos de verano we stayed with the teachers doing activities and in the swimming pool, while some mates were doing the check out. It was so sad saying goodbye… but new mates came in the evening!


In the evening we walked to Prades to play some games and to breathe some fresh air… Later, the priest came to say mass.


The night party was Grand Prix, which consisted of playing games with the Olympic teams and Luba turned 14 years old.



In Prades we have new students and we are so pleased about this. This morning, we played Froggy games and now we are in the first class of the week! Today is the birthday of Carlota and Lucia.

birthday-campamento-verano-2015 birthday-campamento-verano-2015

ATTENTION! The english class levels have changed. All students who were here last week had a lower class because there were 21 classes and now, there are 18.

The levels are: en la clase 1 el nivel OA, en la 2  el nivel 0B/1A, en la 3 nivel 1A/1B, de la 4 a la 6 el nivel 1B, en la 7 y 8 el nivel 1B/2A, de la 9 a la 11 el nivel 2A, de la 12 a la 14 a la 17 nivel 2A/2B, la 15 el nivel 2B, la 16 el nivel 2B/3A y la 17 y 18 el nivel 3A. El nivel 0B/1A corresponde a los STARTERS, 1A/1B MOVERS, 1B FLYERS, 1B/2A KET, 2A/2B PET, 3A FIRST certificate a FCE.


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See you tomorrow parents!!!