Good morning!!

How are you parents? Here in Campamentos de verano in Prades we are having lot of fun! Yesterday we presented the monitors, mps and teacher in a show and we had the swimming competition.



In the Olympic games we played a lot of sport and we taught our new team mates our team songs.


After dinner Prades was turned into Rio de Janeiro for the Brazil Party ’16 and we danced all the way from the dining room to the disco.


Today is the photos & video day. We woke up and still wearing our pyjamas we went to the disco to celebrate the pyjama disco!


And tonight… Prades will be transformed in the Gaul and Rome to celebrate the party of Asterix & Obelix. Lots of games will be prepared and the dinner will be outside eating with our hands… totally authentic!


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Hasta mañana papás y mamás!!