Good afternoon parents! Welcome to another super exciting day here in the mountains of Prades! We are all enjoying ourselves so much and can’t wait to share all of these unforgettable memories with you in today’s blog!!

Ayer los alumnos de nuestros campamentos de verano aquí en Prades participaron en una competición de natación, por equipos a la hora e la piscina.





After classes, the students took part in some different club games such as; Zumba, Drumming, Driving, Roller skating, and more.. They all really enojoyed their day here in Prades!




Last night’s party was called «Minion´s Disco». Los alumnos disfrutaron de un pequeño teatro, y mas tarde de bailes y música. Los más pequeños pudieron relajarse y ver la película de los Minions en una de las partes de la discoteca.




We hope you’ve all enjoyed hearing about our latest activities in Prades. We’re looking forward to telling you all about today in tomorrow’s blog! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr if you’d like to see more of what your kids are getting up to!


See you soon parents!