Good morning everyone! This is on the way!

Todos los chicos y chicas ya están listos para darlo todo estas próximas semanas, han venido con las pilas bien cargadas. Una vez acabado el check-in y instalados en sus habitaciones nos fuimos a comer con el monitor y los teachers asignados para conocernos todos.


Con la tripa ya llena, los teenagers hicieron el test de nivel de inglés para asignarles su grupo de clase. A continuación, disfrutaron de una tarde de swimming pool en la cual pudieron disfrutar del buen tiempo y conocerse mejor entre ellos. Después de la piscina, nos dirigimos a las pistas deportivas para realizar el sport initiation, en el que demostraron sus dotes como sport stars. Once the matches were over, it was shower and dinner time with monitors and teachers. Later, the personal night with monitors and teachers to know every rule of the house and their personal duties, siempre remarcando la importancia de cumplir el duty (o tarea) asignado. Finally we finished the day with the formal presentations of all the staff and the welcome disco. 


A continuación les dejamos información detallada sobre la organización de los niveles de inglés y las clases:

Dear Parents,

Your children have now completed their placement test and we have now allocated the levels. Once again we have noticed very high levels even amongst our youngest students. We divide our students into the Cambridge levels which follow the European Framework for Languages. Please remember that various classes are at the same level and will be studying the same material.

CEFR                      Cambridge                    Classes
A1                               Starters                                             
A1                               Movers                     
A2                              Flyers                     
A2                               KET                                       1, 2
B1                               PET                                        3, 4,
B2                               FCE                                       5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (31-exam class)
C1                               CAE                                       12,13,14,15,16,17 (32-exam class)

The most important thing for us is that your child is in the correct level and learning. The placement test is a guide for the Director of Studies to allocate students into classes however there are various things that could go wrong for example the student was very nervous in the exam, they couldn´t concentrate because they were upset about saying goodbye to their parents etc. If you have any questions that you would like to ask about the level of your children, please do not hesitate to ask. Our Director of Studies is available between 9:30am and 5pm during the week and will be happy to answer any queries. Please remember that if a student changes level it may mean that they will skip various class levels.

How do we make sure our students are in the correct level?

1. Placement test on the entrance day.
2. Can do checks in the first class.
3. The teachers take part in daily tutorials with the Director of Studies to discuss class changes, material and behaviour.
4. Parental input. If your child is in the wrong level you can let us know. An easy way to check the level of your child is to have a look at the back of the text book they are using at school or in an academy and check the CEFR level (Common European Framework.
5. The students should let teachers, monitors or parents know if they think they are in the wrong level.
6. The end of week exam is a great indication to see how much students have learnt in class.


And today is MONDAY! We start the week full of energy to enjoy this amazing 4P!

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