¡Buenos días wey!

El turno ya está en marcha, y los teens ya están más que adaptados a la rutina del 4P. We are leaving a quick summary of the day, with the most outstanding.

As every day, the teenagers had their English lessons and the afternoon activities. After that, we enjoyed the swimming pool time even though the weather was not with us, due to the lack of sun and the cold wind, which influenced the Olympic Games too. Fortunately we could finish both rotations.


So after the Olympics the party was about to start, but first of all, we went to La Cantina to have dinner with our mates. There we could enjoy the delicious Mexican food that the cooks prepared for us: such as nachos, fajitas and burritos!

Y… ¡VIVA MÉXICO LINDO! Todos ya estábamos listos para celebrar la gran Fiesta de los Difuntos, así que.. ¡SUBAN LA MÚSICA SEÑORES! Disfrutamos con todo tipo de bailes, en los que pudimos ver el don que poseen nuestros teens en la dancefloor.


And that’s all for now! We can’t stop feeling the music, so today LET’S ROCK & ROLL! What’s your favorite song from GREASE?

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