What an end of week!

On friday students went to their English lessons, but that morning they were reviewing for the parcial exam, to show how much they have learned during the week. After the exam, the students welcomed the weekend going to the swimming pool and playing Olympics.

To end the day, we all met at the most emblematic Club of Prades, White Sensation, where the most extravagant Pop Star Lady Gaga invited us to the best disco ever. Moreover, the monitors showed us the future Turn Dance. Are you excited to dance it at the Closing Ceremony ? We are!


So Friday ended and we were all so excited because on Saturday most of us were going to PORT AVENTURA, COSTA CARIBE & FERRARI LAND!

Saturday was such an amazing day at Port Aventura World and at Prades. The teens that were staying at Prades spended the most relaxing day of the week. They watched films and enjoyed the free time they had. While in Port Aventura World none of us standes still, as we tried to ride as many attraction as possible and we gave it all at the China’s Dancefloor, where FlaixBac DJ’s were playing the best current hits.


To end the day in the best way, we could drink a hot chocolate cup with ensaimadas, perfect to get warm before going to sleep.

And that’s all for now!

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