Good morning everyone!
La mañana del viernes siguió el schedule habitual, exceptuando que empezamos el día dedicando un minuto de silencio para las víctimas de los atentados de Barcelona y Cambrils. After the minute of silence, the teenagers went to their classrooms to prepare their exams that they were taking in the afternoon.

After the exam, teens could relax at the swimming pool before the last rotation of Olympics Games which was so important because it will determinate which team will be the winner of 17P42’s Olympics. After that, we started the final of World Championship which also helps to determinate the winner of the 17P42’s Olympic Games.


As the end of the term is near and some of the teens are leaving, they went to their rooms and prepared their luggage to go home and explain the magic experience they have lived. After that, we started the cooperation party, in which we had to solve different enigmas in teams. When we had finished the party, we went to sleep but we didn’t go to our current rooms, we went to the Disco to start the VIVAC night, where we slept all together in sleeping bags. IT WAS SO COOL!


So that’s all for now! Tomorrow more news!
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Have a nice day!